TOT 105: Effective Teamwork

Mediation training is teamwork. In order to achieve the best outcome, there has to be a strategy before commencing the actual training. For every training following the following steps may be of some assistance


One amongst the trainers must take leadership. Such a lead trainer has to work meticulously on 

  • Goals to be reached 
  • Procedures to be adapted 
  • Methods to be followed.


Team members must collectively work on the aforesaid 3 aspects, based on their previous experiences. Additional data may be exchanged. New ideas may be discussed.


  • Lead trainer may have to seek the opinion of the team members regarding:-
  • Which member of the team is interested in taking charge of which part of training.
  • Their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Any suggestions or alternatives required to be considered.


  • Suggestions, alternatives, wishes of all the team members have to be integrated and an integrated solution may have to be evolved based on its workability.
  • Critical examination of issues and problems that may come up, and probable solution/s for the same may have to be discussed.


Each member of the group has to be delegated with at least one task which will be common to the training program on all the days/sessions. The delegation is to be accompanied by the authority to do or not to do the delegated work in a given manner. 


  1. Distributing role plays – general and confidential information
  2. Appropriate seating arrangements – for the theory session- for practical role plays – for a session on ice breakers, etc.
  3. Pre-briefing
  4. Debriefing 
  5. Monitoring the role plays.
  6. Monitoring time 
  7. Operating audio-visual equipment
  8. Board writing 
  9. Preparing and giving feedback forms and collecting feedback forms
  10. Reading the feedback and bringing its essence to the notice of other team members.
  11. Giving overview of entire program
  12. Giving overview of day’s program
  13. Handling session on interaction – recording the questions and answers
  14. Handling a short session on every morning on KLP (Key learning points of the previous day) 
  15. Working on the evaluation of homework (if any) assigned to the participants.
  16. Recording the proceedings of the entire day.

If specific tasks are not specifically assigned to a given trainer, professionalism may get compromised. In order to reflect utmost professionalism, assigning each part of the training, on each day to a chosen trainer, will be helpful. This will avoid confusion. This will bring in a sense of accountability to each of the trainers. A more responsible and focused behavior gets demonstrated in the entire training program. No part of the training program is to be considered as negligible. Delegation presupposes inclusiveness. With this, no one takes individual credit for the success or failure of any training but the team as a whole gets acknowledgment. 


At the end of each day’s training program, the trainer assigned with the task will express his/her opinion about the difficulty faced. Group will discuss and suggest the changes that are required to be implemented immediately.

The other group members will also find out the laches if any in any given trainer’s performance of the assigned role, in the form of constructive criticism. All will be open to receive constructive criticisms wholeheartedly.

If need be, trainers will be open to switching over to other delegated tasks and wholeheartedly hand over the assignment, assigned to them to some other member of the team. 

“When you delegate tasks, you create followers. When you delegate authority, you create leaders.” 

Craig Groeschel
Founder of Life Church

(All Copyrights reserved by the author S.Susheela)

One thought on “TOT 105: Effective Teamwork

  1. It is crystal clear and well articulated. The essence of the training “reflect utmost professionalism” is the need. The distinction in delegating the task and authority is excellent. There is a need for the Trainer to present it professionally. Irrespective of the time spent on preparation, the execution of the trainer should be nothing short of the performance of a classical theater/drama artist before a live audience. Professionalism is value addition.


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