TOT 121: Narratives

Trainer has to be prepared with several types of narratives. Following are some types of narratives that may be used in training.

  1. Story-narratives.
  2. Exercise narratives
  3. Humour narratives
  4. Case history narratives
  5. Narratives about situations

How is a narrative given? 

Choice of narrative

  1. The trainer has to make a proper choice of narrative based on the topic to which the trainer wants the message from the narrative, to get connected.
  2. Every narrative should compulsorily have some message related to mediation to be communicated.
  3. The message can also be an implied message.  
  4. The beginning sentence of the narrative and the ending sentence of the narrative should be very carefully chosen.
  5. Any narrative which has the possibility of hurting the sentiments or feelings of trainees must be avoided. 

Introduce the title of the narrative

Ex. Let me take through the case history of a dispute between father and son about 

      their partnership business.

Ex. Let me take you through a small simulation exercise to show the importance of collaborative bargaining.

Ex. Let us all  go through a  small ice breaker 

Tell about its importance 

It can be said either before beginning the narrative or after completing it or at both times.

When it is said in the beginning, their seriousness and commitment toward learning get increased. 

When it is said in the end, they can easily co-relate the essence to the topics dealt with in the training program.

Proceed with the narrative

Give the narrative very briefly in not more than 10 sentences. It is ideal to keep the same written down on a palm sheet ( one sentence below the other).  The narrative must be clear and brief. It should not have any room for doubts. The narrative should be able to reach the participants very quickly and easily.

The trainer should not get into explanatory mode while giving the narrative.


The narrative should be given slowly. There should be a compulsory pause after each sentence. Punctuation has to be taken note of. Modulation in voice should be kept on watch. 

“A narrative is like a room on whose walls a number of false doors have been painted; while within the narrative we have many apparent choices of exit. But when the author leads us to one particular door, we know it is the right one because it opens.

John Hover Updike
American Novelist-Poet

(All Copyrights reserved by the author S.Susheela)

One thought on “TOT 121: Narratives

  1. It’s like giving an indicator for right Choice well within parameters of Mediation I e. Without suggesting.
    Thank you


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